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"Cells Are All of You" with Ms. Hankins' 4th grade class

(Sue Trainor)
January 31, 2011

"Cells Are All Of You" with Ms. Hankins' 4th grade class at Benfield Elementary, Anne Arundel Co., MD.

As part of their songwriting residency, Ms. Hankins challenged her students to compose an original song with Sue Trainor using the facts they'd learned about cells in their science curriculum. Our pre-writing and pattern-setting steps were so clear that we were able to divide the class into small groups, and assign each group to write their own verse. Lyrics and melody are original. © 2010 Sue Trainor.


Cells are all of you, they make you come true
Cells are your wealth, so keep them in good health 

Verse 1:
Cells are building blocks of every living thing
Microscopic units, together they cling REFRAIN

Verse 2:
The nucleus controls the cell, without it cells would die
Membranes let the food in, and out the waste flies

Verse 3:
Mitochondria make cells' energy
Vacuoles are storage, extra food to keep REFRAIN

Verse 4:
Take care of your cells so they'll take care of you
Stay away from junk food, and drink water, too

Verse 5: 
Exercise is good for you, it makes cells function well
Drugs are bad for you, they will harm your cells REFRAIN

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Thanks to Christina Muir for editing this video and to Mr. McKnight for the filming. Used with permission.

© 2011 Sue Trainor.