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"Maryland Past and Present" with Ms. Bartlett's 4th grade class

(Sue Trainor)
February 1, 2011

"Maryland Past and Present" with Ms. Bartlett's 4th grade class at Benfield Elementary, Anne Arundel Co., MD.

As part of their songwriting residency, Ms. Bartlett challenged her students to compose an original song with Sue Trainor using the facts they'd learned about Maryland history in their Social Studies curriculum. We discussed a number of ways to organize the ideas; students chose to select information that could illustrate a contrast between past and present. Lyrics and melody are original. © 2010 Sue Trainor.


Look at Fort McHenry, look at Camden Yards
Maryland past and present; boy, have we come far!

Verse 1:
The Ark and the Dove sailed through the Bay
Bringing colonists from far away
The settlers built houses 'til they thought they'd drop
Then Indians taught them how to plant crops REFRAIN

Verse 2:
The British charged a tax on tea
So we went off to fight for liberty
All day slaves were on their feet
Trying to prevent being whipped and beat REFRAIN

Verse 3:
Now Marylanders are all free
We can get together and enjoy our tea
Fort McHenry is a park to see
So is the town of St. Mary's REFRAIN
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Thanks to Christina Muir for editing this video and to Jonathan McKnight for his excellent filming. Used with Permission.

© 2011 Sue Trainor