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"Funky, Spunky Summer" with Ms. Snyder's 4th grade class

(Sue Trainor)
February 1, 2011

"Funky, Spunky Summer" with Ms. Snyder's 4th grade class at Benfield Elementary, Anne Arundel Co., MD.

As part of their songwriting residency, Ms. Snyder assigned her students the task of composing an original song with Sue Trainor using active language. Lyrics and melody are original. © 2010 Sue Trainor.


Funky, spunky summer is comin' around
Come on everybody, let's boogie on down

Toss out the textbooks, here comes the sun
Let's ditch this place and have some fune
We'll see all our friends, it's Jumpin' June
Sleep out, sleep over, sleep in 'til noon REFRAIN

Verse 2:
Pow, crackle, boom - the fireworks fly
We'll celebrate the 4th of July
We're stirring up yummy barbaque
We'll cook up a party for me and you REFRAIN

Verse 3:
It's sticky and hot, the sun's beating down
The asphalt's hot, the grass turned to brown
We're splishing and splashing around in the pool
One more vacation before we start school REFRAIN
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Thanks to Christina Muir for editing this video and to Jonathan McKnight for his excellent filming. Used with Permission.

© 2011 Sue Trainor