James Ryder Randall Elementary School

Hello Friends!

Thanks for joining me to explore Great Musical Adaptations this morning.

The strategies we added to the usual repertoire can best be revisited at the Wolf Trap website: education.wolftrap.org. (Remember DON'T put "www" in front, because you won't get to the site if you do.)

Here are the strategies you're looking for at the Wolf Trap website:

1. I Have a Box: Exploring Setting and Characterization
In this experience, Wolf Trap Teaching Artist Katherine Lyons demonstrates using gestures to represent real objects and introduce characters of a story.

2. Imaginary Travel
In this experience, Wolf Trap Teaching Artists Valerie Bayne Carroll and Michele Valeri demonstrate how to travel into a story and experience it on a new level using pictures, sound effects, and music.

Best wishes for the holidays!


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