“The workshop evaluations were outstanding. With over 50 participants representing childcare providers, librarians, parents, and trainers, your ability to connect with such a diverse audience was really impressive… You managed to connect theory and practice in a way that all of the participants will be able to use in their individual settings.” Katie Crotts, Howard County Office of Children’s Services” - Katie Crotts

— Howard County Office of Children’s Services

“Thank you for giving our students the gift of music-making, and integrating creative writing in the process. You have “bridged the gap” with the arts and curriculum so beautifully!”” - L.T., Art Teacher

— DuFief Elementary School

“Ms. Trainor has the ability to pull creative words from reluctant minds. Many students did not believe that they could write a song…. [but they] were pleased with their final creations. They also were pleased with the reactions of their peers in an assembly presentation of their songs.”” - D.L., Language Arts Teacher

— Marshall Middle School, VA

“I thank you for coming in and helping us making up our own songs it was realy fun it was funner than going to Adventure World…””

— Third grader, Maryland

My students enjoyed the whole-school assembly led by Sue, [and] words cannot describe the enthusiasm they exuded during our class lesson with her.... Together, with Sue's gentle guidance and funny stories... they eagerly contributed ideas that helpled produce their song. The students are pround of the final product.... They look forward to sharing it with their parents at Academic Night.” - M.L., 5th grade teacher

— Oak View Elementary

This is very beneficial to the students because this strategy would help them remember their lessons. This training is highly recommended. (middle school teacher) It will make me more prepared to handle transitions with music. Awesome and invaluable experience. (pre-K teacher) This workshop will impact the way I teach young children by teaching me how to adapt music to my daily lessons. I KNOW this increases the interests and learning of my future students. This was a wonderful experience. Everything was done is a collaborative learning environment. Kudos to Sue Trainor! (elementary school teacher) It will help me integrate music and learning in a more fun and creative way. The instructor was very clear. Wonderful job! Learned a lot! (elementary school teacher) Use of music to teach science; motivate them to learn and be attentive to lesson. Excellent! (high school teacher) I'm glad I'm in this workshop - it's fantastic! The session is so productive that I want to spend more time in it rather than going to another workshop (third grade teacher) It helps me gain confidence in teaching and understanding music by using songs, chants and other musical tools. (pre-K teacher) Awesome! (special ed teacher)” - Teacher evaluations

— Baltimore City Schools Professional Development Day

This is just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful songwriting residency, and for your patience and grace in working out the details!” - J.M., PTA Cultural Arts Rep

— Bethesda Elementary School

I am delighted to recommend Sue Trainor.... In her capacity as a Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artist and trainer, Ms. Trainor has developed and delivered a wide variety of professional development programs for teaching artists, classroom teachers and caregivers here in the metro DC area and nationally. These programs have consisted of week long institutes, two to three day trainings as well as three hour workshops. Ms. Trainor was lead Teaching Artist trainor in our stART smART program, a special initiative funded by the US Department of Education that focused on professional development for classroom teachers through the integration of specific music skills, emergent literacy and distance learning. Ms. Trainor not only developed the music content of the training, co-led the institute and conducted many in-class residencies, she was also responsible for developing extensive written content for the website tutorials. Ms. Trainor enjoys expanding and enhancing her knowledge and skills and seeks out every opportunity to further her own professional development. She has attended a wide variety of professional development opportunities offered by Wolf Trap and has systematically requested my assistance in locating resources and information on such topics and infant, toddler, and child growth and development, appropriate practice, children with disabilities, emergent literacy, and many more. In my capacity as professional development coordinator for teaching artists and classroom teachers I have had the pleasure to observe her conducting trainings and her work with teachers during classroom residencies. I have found Ms. Trainor to be exceptionally well organized, conscientious and highly professional. She clearly understands adult learners, is able to appropriately adapt her approach and materials to mee the needs and learning styles of participants.” - Phylis Benner, Asst. Dir., Professional Development

— Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts

I am writing to highly recommend Sue Trainor as a Teaching Artist in Montgomery County. I have worked with Ms. Trainor on numerous occasions, and all of these experiences were enriching both for me and the students involved. I first encountered Ms. Trainor when she and her Hot Soup trio performed at the Maryland Artist / Teacher Institute in the summer of 2002. I still use their music in my classroom for students to engage in listening to music for comprehension of mood. The next time I worked with Ms. Trainor was shen she engaged in an Artist's residency with the entire 3rd Grade at my school, Kensington Parkwood Elementary School. I was immediately impressed by Ms. Trainor's enthusiasm and her openness to work with any curricular strands that we agreed upon as a team. Brainstorming with her in the pre-residency planning was eye-opening and inspiring. When she then came for the actual residency, she guided each of the three classes in composing their own songs aobut changes that have taken place in our country over the past 300 years as referenced by the core book, "The House on Maple Street." Each class composed, learned, and performed a different song over a week-long period. I lelarned a great deal as Ms. Trainor led the students in the creative process through brainstorming, compromising, revising and polishing of their work. Her use of graphic organizers to promote brainstorming was most impressive and she guided students through a sequential plan for their song. Writing the song itself was extremely engaging as Ms. Trainor effectively links elements of music with elements of readingand writing in a way that enhances student learning through multiple intelligences. Most recently, I was fortunate enough to spend more time with Ms. Trainor as she was assigned to work with me on new lessons through the Teaching Artist Institute. Through this process, we were constantly engaged in planning and reflecting together as she worked with students to compose a song using the elements of Fantasy that were were studying in our reading class. During this "mini" residency, Ms. Trainor brought to light even more clearly how words, melody, beat and rhythm work together in a song in order to convey meaning and mood to the audience. She effectively led students through reflection about these elements of songs in such a way that both students and teachers were surprised with how much their understanding about music and story changed in such a short time! I strongly recommend Ms. Trainor as a teching artist as she is an enthusiastic collaborator and instructor who truly engages in the Art of Arts Integration. She clearly articulates and actively seeks natural connections between the curriculum and her art form, both with students and the teachers with whom she collaborates. Further, her level of reflection with both teachers and students enhances life long learning skills in a very meaningful way. She is amazingly resourceful, energetic, and creative. Both students and teachers have very positive and memorable experiences through their work with Sue Trainor.” - M.C., 3rd grade teacher

— Kensington Parkwood Elementary School

I like the way Ms. Trainor made you realize who you really are. I liked the way we could make up everything ourselves and got to work together. Ms. Trainor explained structure in terms of stories and songwriting. I loved writing our song. This was a great experience.” - Student Evaluations

— Centreville High School

As a veteran educator (25 years in public schools), I would have to say that Sue Trainor is an outstanding professional in every sense. She has the ability to entertain crowds, work with small groups, and impart her considerable knowledge and talent to untrained students in a very short timeframe.... She is tops in her field, and a caring professional in every way.” - S.C., teacher

— Centreville High School