Concert Programs

Put The Story In Your Feet
An interactive, integrated arts performance based on one story, appropriate for family programs, preschool and elementary age groups. Songs, movement and role-playing explore the story’s main concepts, setting and characters, creating mind and body connections prior to introducing the story directly.  When story finally is presented, children have extended their prior knowledge and are able to engage and participate with the narrative at a much deeper and satisfying level. Preschool residency also available.

Under Tables, Out Back Doors 
The best places to play are the gateways to imagination found “under tables” and  “out back doors.” Original and collected songs, movement, stories and singing games that encourage creative thinking and self-expression and – of course – stir up lots of fun!  Children will be singing Sue’s songs long after she’s gone!!

“Mmm Mmm... Sing!”
It’s Sue’s trio Hot Soup served Family Style! There’s plenty of rich harmony for everyone, so grab your spoons and gather ’round for some heart-warming, rib-tickling sing-along fun!

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