Library Programs

Sue Trainor’s summer library programs offer interactive, integrated arts experiences based on one story. Songs, movement and role-playing explore the story’s main concepts, setting and characters, creating mind and body connections prior to introducing the story directly.  When the story finally is presented, children have extended their prior knowledge and are able to engage and participate with the narrative at a much deeper and satisfying level. 

Ms. Sue will lead us on an imaginary journey through the aquarium in our minds. We’ll visit creatures that live in the Chesapeake Bay, in rivers and streams, and in the ocean. Through song, movement and role-playing we’ll learn about the creatures’ habitat and how they live.

This program includes Sue’s version of the traditional Australian tale about the giant frog Tiddalick, who drinks all the water from the river (billabong). The story emphasizes opposites – large and small, full and
empty – and it focuses on the importance of water to all living things.

This program supports concepts in Leo Lionni’s story “Fish is Fish,” in which a young fish explores self-identity in contrast to other living things. In the process, the fish imagines itself with many different attributes and finally comes to appreciate its own. The story emphasizes color, body parts, the concepts of same/different as well as in/out (of water).

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