It has been a great delight to be with my class in your 30-minute lessons this week. I appreciate the thought, planning, and creativity which clearly went into the development of each lesson.... * All were made to feel at ease *Great student & teacher involvement *Orderly *Professional *Joyful *Enthusiastic *Kind *Caring *Helpful *Good explanations of activity purpose *Giving * Thank you for all you have given my class. Thank you for the nifty slide whistle - I am using it. Thank you for giving me an educational "booster shot." Hopefully, you can return to St. John's Preschool in the future. ” - V.B., Wytheville, VA
We want to thank you so much for a great, music-filled week! We along with our children have truly learned a lot from you. We are happy to have met you and because of your expertise our practice has been strengthened and expanded with new arts integration techniques! Thank you.” - Johnson School of Excellence Primary Team, Chicago
The workshop evaluations were outstanding. With over 50 participants representing childcare providers, librarians, parents, and trainers, your ability to connect with such a diverse audience was really impressive… You managed to connect theory and practice in a way that all of the participants will be able to use in their individual settings.” Katie Crotts, Howard County Office of Children’s Services”
As my students are preschoolers with multiple disabilities, I will continue to use music as a means of working on their sense of body/self to transition between activities, to work on vocabulary and improve the use of their bodies. We have also discovered that familiar music and props offer a sense of security to the students which allows them to both accept new concepts and work on skills that they are not yet comfortable with. It was a magical experience.”
This was my first time being part of the Wolf Trap residency program, and I enjoyed working with Sue Trainor. Our kids loved having her come and still ask when she will come back. It was a fantastic experience.”
I am delighted to recommend Sue Trainor.... In her capacity as a Wolf Trap Master Teaching Artist and trainer, Ms. Trainor has developed and delivered a wide variety of professional development programs for teaching artists, classroom teachers and caregivers here in the metro DC area and nationally. These programs have consisted of week long institutes, two to three day trainings as well as three hour workshops. Ms. Trainor was lead Teaching Artist trainor in our stART smART program, a special initiative funded by the US Department of Education that focused on professional development for classroom teachers through the integration of specific music skills, emergent literacy and distance learning. Ms. Trainor not only developed the music content of the training, co-led the institute and conducted many in-class residencies, she was also responsible for developing extensive written content for the website tutorials. Ms. Trainor enjoys expanding and enhancing her knowledge and skills and seeks out every opportunity to further her own professional development. She has attended a wide variety of professional development opportunities offered by Wolf Trap and has systematically requested my assistance in locating resources and information on such topics and infant, toddler, and child growth and development, appropriate practice, children with disabilities, emergent literacy, and many more. In my capacity as professional development coordinator for teaching artists and classroom teachers I have had the pleasure to observe her conducting trainings and her work with teachers during classroom residencies. I have found Ms. Trainor to be exceptionally well organized, conscientious and highly professional. She clearly understands adult learners, is able to appropriately adapt her approach and materials to mee the needs and learning styles of participants.” - Phylis Benner, Former Asst. Dir., Professional Development

— Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning Through the Arts